Actual examples — Companies from all kinds of industries are participating

Anyone whose mission is to develop Japan through the application of information and communication to business, can participate regardless of line of work, type of organization.

Participating companies and organizations

  1. Companies and organizations that use ICT Companies and organizations in the logistics, manufacturing, transportation, agriculture, forestry, and tourism industries
  2. Companies and organizations that provide ICT Companies and organizations including systems integrators, providers, data centers, mobile phone companies, content providers
  3. Research facilities and organizations
  4. Media organizations
  5. Governmental and administrative agencies

Benefits of membership

  • Get the latest information.
  • Expand your connections and networks.
  • Acquire business tips and expertise.
  • Have your opinions reflected in systems and policy recommendations.

Actual examples and activities

Case 1: Promotion of the MVNO Business, Hosting of “Mobile Forum 2018”

Mobile Forum 2018 was held in the Nikkei Conference Room on Friday, March 23, 2018.
The topic was “What differentiation strategy is necessary for MVNOs to grow further?” Lectures and a panel discussion were held on the topics of “What is necessary for the growth of MVNOs,” “The differentiation that MVNOs aim for,” and “Thinking about MVNOs in the 2020s,” with key individuals from various companies taking the stage. In addition, policy proposals and consumer protection initiatives are conducted by the MVNO Committee.

Case 2: Hosting of the 1st Kanto Telecom Lecture in FY 2018

Amid the growing threat of an earthquake directly under Tokyo, taking into consideration best corporate practice and the possibilities of disaster response using ICT, this lecture was held on the topic of bosai (disaster prevention), in addition to the Info-Communications Promotion Month participation event.