Benefits of Membership

August 21, 2008

The biggest benefit of joining the Telecom Services Association is, as an association, making things that might be difficult to deal with as individual companies easy, contributing greatly to the operations of each member company.

Now, with the telecommunications market undergoing drastic changes such as the switchover of networks to IP, and the introduction of the basic principle of free competitive markets, the association’s activities, such as multifaceted and rapid information gathering and letting the industry’s voice be heard, are all the more important.

Specific examples

We communicate opinions strongly to the government and the public in the name of the association.

  • When issues and demands arise in the course of doing business, these can be taken to the authorities and public opinion with much greater force and appeal compared to individual companies.
  • It is possible to exchange opinions and information with government and administrative officials, both officially and informally, as well as an increased number of opportunities to submit opinions and requests.

It is possible to gather information from a wide range of fields in the name of the association.

  • The name of the association increases the number of opportunities to participate in various meetings held by the government and related organizations.
  • This enables the collection of various kinds of information on domestic and international policies, technology development, market trends, and so on.
  • In addition, through exchanges between members, it becomes possible to exchange a diversity of information.

The activities undertaken by the association allow medium-to-long term challenges to be tackled.

  • Through the activities undertaken by our committees, it is possible to gather information and conduct research on even difficult medium-to-long term topics.
  • Through our “Net Business Meetings,” which examine the challenges and future directions of companies’ regional businesses, we can assist in medium-to long term management strategy.

By participating in the association, it is easy to consult and gather information about changes such as laws, systems and rules affecting telecommunications and related fields, as well as about measures for dealing with them.

  • We have also set up a consultation service for members regarding the Provider Liability Limitation Act.
  • We also, with the association taking a central role, draw up various manuals, guidelines, and voluntary advertising standards, and make them accessible to members as material.

In the event that unfair business dealings have been identified, we can provide an organizational response in the name of the association, such as by encouraging the authorizes to take remedial measures.

  • The market monitoring committee voluntarily monitors the state of competitiveness in the market, and if there is a situation that is recognized as unfair, we can make every effort to improve it.